Dear Valued Members,

Fall is always an exciting time of year with the league season coming to an end for all our teams. With this fall comes a little extra buzz around the club as we announce some exciting changes on the horizon.

Dating all the way back to Roadrunners United, every decision we have made as an organization has been about taking strides forward– building upon a solid foundation and principles of player development, yet always reaching towards higher standards. Through this approach, together with our members we have created something special here in Bakersfield.

A club and a culture as unique as what we have built together deserves an identity all its own. We are excited to announce that next season, we will have the privilege to create just that. Effective January 1, 2020, LA Galaxy will dissolve their formal alliance club program, presenting us with an unprecedented opportunity to re-establish our own unique brand that resonates on a more personal level with our members and within our community.

Moving forward, our partnership with LA Galaxy will remain intact via a shared vision for furthering the youth game on a local, regional and national level rather than via a shared brand.  We will continue to have the opportunity to expose our players with opportunities at the next level with Galaxy youth teams.

We look forward to representing the Galaxy brand proudly through State/National Cup 2020 and will begin to roll out elements of our new brand towards the end of 2019 in preparation for tryouts. We will continue to maintain strong alliances with Cal South, Coast Soccer League, US Soccer, among other brands, leagues and organizations.

The future of our club looks as bright as ever as we take yet another stride forward in furthering the youth game through our own unique brand. We are indebted to our amazing players, parents and staff for supporting us in every step of the way as we continue to work tirelessly towards inspiring a lifelong passion for the game in Bakersfield and beyond.

Looking forward to sharing this exciting journey with all our members.


Bert Perkins | President
Francisco Gomez | Boys Director of Coaching
Russ Miller | Girls Director of Coaching

LA Galaxy Alliance Announcement:

LA Galaxy Bakersfield 2020 Club Re-Brand FAQs

Q. What are the benefits to establishing our own brand?
A. Opportunity to create a brand that resonates with our membership and our local community on a more personal level
Allows the club the ability to exercise control over the use of our logo, name and brand on a local regional and national level without restrictions that come with being tied to a single MLS club
Flexibility to expand our relationships and work with more professional and semi-professional clubs and leagues. This will in turn provide a broader range of opportunities on our player pathway for both boys and girls

Q. Will the rebrand affect our club structure?
A. Our directors of coaching, board, staff and all aspects of our internal operations will remain untouched.  Even as an affiliate club, we have always been 100% self sufficient and operated independently from Galaxy.

Q. What will our new name be?
A. We are in the process of conducting focus groups with club leadership, board in efforts in making decisions on the new name.  This brand belongs to all of us, and it is important that the values of all of us is considered in the process.

Q. When will the new name/brand be announced?
A. The brand will be unveiled before May 2020. Elements of the new brand will be rolled out in phases before the end of the calendar year.

Q. When will we officially make the change over to the new name and brand?
A. Teams will play under the LA Galaxy Bakersfield brand for the remainder of the 2019-2020 season, which means through State/National Cup.  We will begin registering teams under the new name beginning with 2020/2021 season competitions.

Q. How much longer will we wear our Galaxy uniforms?
A. We will wear our LAGB uniforms through the end of the 2019/2020 season (State/National Cup).

Q. Do I have to buy a new uniform?
A. Every two years players are required to buy need uniform sets. For the 2020-21 season we will be providing RUFC crest patch to go over the LAGB jersey crest to help with the transition.

Q. Will our teams still compete in the same leagues?
A. Yes. Our teams will still compete in all the same league’s locality and Coast Soccer League.

Q. Why are LA Galaxy dissolving the Alliance Club program?
A. By dissolving the Alliance club program, LA Galaxy will be able to provide more support to a broader audience in the Southern California region than they can through a co-branded alliance with a limited number of clubs.

Q. Will we still have a relationship with LA Galaxy and the MLS?
A. Yes.  We will continue to maintain strong relationships with key contacts within the LA Galaxy organization and will continue to work together on a shared mission to further the development of the youth game locally, regionally and nationally.

Q. Will our players still have a pathway to the MLS?
A. Yes.  Our player pathway to the MLS will remain intact through LA Galaxy.  Additionally, because we will no longer wear the Galaxy brand, we will be able to establish pathways via other MLS clubs as well as outside professional and semi-professional leagues.

Q. Will my club fees be affected?
A. As a non-profit organization, we are committed to keeping our fees competitive in the marketplace.